Examination Fees

Fees for the examination are as follows:

  U.K. Overseas
Preliminary Certificate £40 on application
Parts A-C (Archbishops’ Award) £100 £110
All parts (ACertCM) £200 £220
ACertPW (All parts) £160 £175
ACertPW (Parts A-C) £100 £110
ACertPW (Part D only) £60 £65

Examination entry fees cannot be refunded unless the candidate is unable to attend the examination because of illness. A medical certificate must be forwarded with any application for a refund. The Guild reserves the right not to refund the fees in full if any costs have already been incurred.

In the case of candidates for the Award or the Certificate, an administration fee of £10 will be levied for deferral of the whole or any part of the examination to a later year.