The Archbishops' Award in Church Music

The Archbishops’ Award is a qualification designed to follow on from the Archbishops’ Preliminary Certificate. (It is, however, possible to enter for it without having worked for the APC.)

The Archbishops’ Award is open to you, regardless of age, if you are involved in Christian worship.

There are two pathways:

  • Pathway 1 is designed primarily for musicians
  • Pathway 2 is intended primarily for worship leaders.

If you wish, Pathway 1 can lead, after successful completion of the Award, to study for the Archbishops’ Certificate in Church Music (ACertCM). Similarly Pathway 2 can provide preparation for study towards the Archbishops’ Certificate in Public Worship (ACertPW).

There is an examination for the Archbishops’ Award.

For Pathway 1 you will be expected to sing, play, accompany or direct two or more contrasting pieces of your own choice and then answer questions about them. You will also appraise a previously unheard recorded performance, prepare a written project or presentation and undertake an optional project.

For Pathway 2 you will be expected to give a previously-prepared short address on a short Biblical passage or verse of your own choice, give an unprepared (non-Biblical) reading and speak fluently on a topic chosen by the examiner for at least one minute (up to a maximum of three minutes).

You will also prepare a written project or presentation and undertake an optional project.

Download the full syllabus from here