Advice from Chief Examiner

It is essential that candidates for the Certificates of the Guild understand that, whereas preparation for Parts A, B and C of both the ACertCM and ACertPW may quite appropriately be undertaken mainly within the context of their own regular patterns of worship and music-making, the requirements for Part D and, in the case of the ACertCM, Part E are very different. Most of the essay questions that are set, both for Christian Worship/Liturgy and for the History of Church Music, demand knowledge of a wider and more general background than purely local experience is likely to provide.

For that reason, intending candidates should be aware that a period of systematic study may be necessary before these parts of the examination can be undertaken. The correspondence course of the Guild may provide all that is necessary but it may also be helpful to consult an experienced church musician or liturgist as to the best way to proceed.

Success in these examinations is intended to be recognition of real knowledge and expertise at the appropriate level in the relevant subjects. Candidates who put themselves forward fully aware of the areas of study that they need to undertake in order to meet the demands of the syllabus are likely to find the whole experience much more rewarding and enjoyable, both in that course of study and in the sense of achievement when it is completed satisfactorily.